The University of Central Florida 2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalog is available online and for download in PDF format. Full descriptions of 2014-2015 Degree Programs, Minors and Certificates are also available to download as individual PDF documents in the 2014-2015 Programs and Courses section of this online abridged version of the catalog.

The current Undergraduate Catalog is published here each May. It is compiled and edited by the Registrar's Office, in the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Services. Pre-press production & supervision is performed by Brian Pate, Assistant Director, Information and Publication Services. New Catalog policies and requirements take effect with the Summer term.

New This Catalog Year

Academic Programs

This year, UCF approved one new degree program, two new minors, and two new certificates:

Degree Programs



Advising Guide

For a more concise and personalized version of the current catalog, please refer to the Advising Guide. The Advising Guide provides undergraduate students with essential information concerning their degree programs, colleges, and official UCF policies. While it incorporates material drawn from the official catalog, it is not intended to serve as a substitution.

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