2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
    May 09, 2021  
2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Transfer and Transition Services

Director: Jason Dodge
HPH 221; 407-823-2231
Email: tservices@mail.ucf.edu

Transfer and Transition Services helps students accomplish a smooth and efficient transfer to UCF. Students transferring with an A.A. or articulated A.S. from a DirectConnect partner school are guaranteed admission (upon meeting admission criteria). Partner institutions include College of Central Florida, Daytona State College, Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Seminole State College, and Valencia College. Florida College System institution and university A.A. graduates are guaranteed certain rights and privileges according to the statewide Articulation Agreement.

Students transferring with an A.S. in one of the statewide articulated degree programs should refer to the “Articulated A.S. Programs ” chapter of this Undergraduate Catalog. Any questions about these programs should be directed to the Director of Transfer and Transition Services.

Where Can I Go For Help?

For information or assistance during the transfer process, you may contact Transfer and Transition Services, located in Howard Phillips Hall, room 221. Call the Student HOTLINE at 407-823-2231 for immediate access to staff during regular business hours. Visit the website at http://transfer.sdes.ucf.edu.

Transfer and Transition Services provides the following services and resources:

  • Accurate and current information about university programs and policies including entrance and exit requirements, as well as information concerning:
  • General academic advising for transfer students before and after they enroll at UCF
  • Pre-admission academic advising for students applying to UCF
  • Advising for students who are undeclared, undecided, or changing majors
  • Peer Mentors provide advising and transition assistance by telephone, email, and office appointments
  • Student information and advising HOTLINE 407-823-2231
  • Website for transfer students (http://transfer.sdes.ucf.edu)
  • Transfer Knights social club; Tau Sigma Transfer Honor Society
  • Orientation advising and assistance

How Can a Florida College System Institution Counselor or Advisor Help Me?

It is important that you are kept informed of all requirements for transferring to UCF. Florida College System institution counselors and advisors are provided with information and resources about the requirements to enter each program at UCF. They can help you determine which classes you need to complete before transferring. Additionally, they have access to information for limited access majors that have special requirements: application deadlines, GPA, testing, portfolios, letters of recommendation, etc.

DirectConnect to UCF provides A.A. and A.S. students and alumni of College of Central Florida, Daytona State College, Eastern Florida State College, Lake-Sumter State College, Seminole State College, and Valencia College guaranteed access to UCF. Meet with a DirectConnect advisor as soon as you earn 30 credit hours.

Why Should I Complete My A.A. Before Transferring From a Florida Public Institution?

Receiving your A.A. from a Florida public institution ensures special benefits guaranteed under the statewide Articulation Agreement. The following are some of the advantages of receiving your A.A.:

  • Priority in admission to state universities;
  • Acceptance of at least 60 credit hours toward the baccalaureate degree; no additional general education core requirements;
  • Acceptance of all courses taken at your institution, if the same course with the same course number is offered at UCF;
  • All grade forgiveness awarded under the A.A. will be honored.

Priority admission is given to A.A. and articulated A.S. graduates from the Florida public community and state colleges and state universities. If you do not complete an A.A. at a Florida College System institution or university, you must complete UCF’s general education requirements, which may be considerably different from your previous institution’s requirements. If you have met all the A.A. requirements, you should have “General Education Requirements Met” placed on your transcript to assure getting credit for meeting General Education and Gordon Rule requirements. Without this statement you must satisfy UCF’s general education requirements and Gordon Rule courses. If your grade point average falls below a 2.0 (without grade forgiveness), you will not be admitted.

What Are the Foreign Language Requirements?

Admission Requirement: To be admitted you should complete two years of the same foreign language or American Sign Language in high school (document by submitting an official high school transcript), or at the post-secondary elementary 2 level, or pass a CLEP or other proficiency examination. Students admitted without this requirement must satisfy it prior to graduation.

Graduation Requirement: Some baccalaureate degrees require students to demonstrate foreign language proficiency as a graduation requirement; this requirement may be satisfied by college-level course work or testing equivalent to two semesters of college instruction. Some majors require additional proficiency; some departments accept American Sign Language to meet the proficiency. Consult the UCF Undergraduate Catalog for graduation requirements for specific majors. High school courses will not satisfy graduation foreign language requirements. International students required to provide TOEFL scores for admission are considered to have satisfied the graduation requirement.

How Will My Credits Transfer?

All college level credits earned for which official transcripts have been submitted will be compiled into a Transfer Summary Report (TSR), which is available online after your admission to UCF. The TSR is the basis for constructing a degree audit, which applies earned credits toward your intended degree program. The audit provides you with an assessment of which degree requirements have been met and which remain to be satisfied. You will use the audit to schedule courses that meet your remaining requirements.

Common Program Prerequisites: To view generic course substitutions for Common Program Prerequisites that may be offered at the Florida College System institutions or other state universities, please go to the Florida Virtual Campus website at https://www.floridashines.org. Usually these courses will be substituted automatically in your audit to fulfill the correct requirement.

Some credits listed on the TSR may not be applicable toward graduation course requirements; e.g., some departments do not accept a transfer grade of “D” (1.0). You should review the TSR carefully to ensure that all credits are included. Courses not automatically credited to your degree program must be evaluated on a course by course basis. General education courses are evaluated through Academic Services; all other courses are evaluated by the academic department offering the courses.

You must make sure that all official college transcripts, including a final transcript from the last institution you attended, are submitted to the Undergraduate Admissions Office within ten days of the start of your first term at UCF. If Admissions does not receive them, a hold is placed on your record, making it difficult for you to receive financial aid or to register for a future term.

When Do I Pay My Bill?

For students taking courses at UCF for the first time, tuition and fee payments are due by the published deadline. Students can print a copy of their Fee Invoice online from myUCF (https://my.ucf.edu). A late payment fee of $100 will be assessed on all accounts not paid or deferred by each term’s payment deadline. Please note that you will not be sent a bill. It is up to you to view your Fee Invoice through myUCF. If you decide not to attend, but have registered for classes, be sure to drop all classes, or you will be fee liable.

Financial Aid deferments will automatically be reflected on your Fee Invoice. If the total amount of your tuition and fees exceeds the amount of your deferment, the difference must be paid by the due date on your Fee Invoice. The following programs are not included in the automatic deferral program: work/study programs, third party deferrals, other waivers, and direct pay scholarships.

Can Transfer Students Participate in The Burnett Honors College?

Qualified students who transfer to UCF with an honors A.A. from a Florida College System institution that has signed an articulation agreement with The Burnett Honors College will be admitted into University Honors with junior standing. Florida College System institution transfers and other students who have completed their general education requirements may participate in the Honors in the Major program through the completion of departmental honors requirements, including an original research project. Transfer students who apply for admission to departmental honors programs must have a minimum GPA of 3.5 in their major. Successful completion of either honors program will be noted on your transcripts and diploma. For more information, call 407-823-2076 or visit the honors website at http://honors.ucf.edu.

Transfer Tips:

Office Visits for Transfer Advising

  • Students are encouraged to contact Transfer and Transition Services or their DirectConnect advisor with questions or to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor. Advisors are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
  • Transfer students must declare a major; students undecided about their major should contact Transfer and Transition Services for advisement.
  • Undeclared students with 45+ credit hours are placed on advising hold.

Students should:

  • Submit your application as soon as you have earned 45 credit hours, at least six months in advance. Do not wait until the A.A. is awarded to apply. You can be admitted “contingent upon completion of the A.A.” if you meet specific admission requirements. By applying early and being admitted, you will be invited to an early Orientation.
  • Keep a transfer diary. For each contact with UCF, record the name of the person with whom you spoke, the date, and the type of request. Keep a copy of all correspondence you send and receive.
  • Have original transcripts from all institutions you have attended sent directly to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. If you are currently enrolled, send a transcript when applying and a final transcript when classes are completed.
  • Attend the earliest Orientation session possible. You will have more course selections and registration choices. You should bring copies of all transcripts (transcripts sent in for admissions purposes are not available for advising during Orientation). You are advised (in groups) and then allowed to register. Tuition and fee payments are due by the published deadline.
  • Complete the “Immunization Form.” Registration is not allowed without the completion and approval of this form.
  • Complete the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid” (FAFSA). 

Transfer Checklist

Before Completing the A.A. or Articulated A.S.
Y___ N___ met with a pre-admission advisor (DirectConnect or Transfer & Transition Services)
Y___ N___ met with counselor or advisor for graduation check
Y___ N___ completed application for graduation
Application for Admission
___/___/___ date submitted
Y___ N___ checked admission status at https://my.UCF.edu
___/___/___ date of acceptance
Transcripts (original transcript from all institutions attended)
Y___ N___ transcripts sent from all current and prior institutions
Y___ N___ final transcript sent after term completed
Financial Aid/Scholarship
___/___/___ date financial aid application (FAFSA) sent
___/___/___ date SCHOLARSHIP application sent
Y___ N___ “to do” list checked on myUCF
Y___ N___ reviewed OCSS handbook: Survival Guide for Living off Campus
___/___/___ date application sent (include deposit when required)
___/___/___ date Student Health Form submitted
Y___ N___ need immunizations
Foreign Language Requirements (Admission)
Y___ N___ 2 years/units earned in high school
Y___ N___ Elementary level 2 earned in college
Y___ N___ credits to be taken at the university
Note: Although American Sign Language may be used to satisfy the UCF admission requirement, it may not satisfy graduation requirements of the specific major.
Program (Major) Requirements
Y___ N___ selected a major
Y___ N___ completed major prerequisites
Y___ N___ submitted limited access application
Y___ N___ met grade point average (GPA) requirements
Y___ N___ met cumulative GPA for admission to program of study
Y___ N___ met cumulative GPA in courses taken for program of study
Y___ N___ met grade requirements for designated courses
Y___ N___ met audition/portfolio/additional admission requirements
___/___/___ Orientation date at UCF