2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Sep 20, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

The Burnett Honors College

Burnett Honors College

Dean: Sheila Amin Gutiérrez de Piñeres
Burnett Honors College (BHC)
Fax: 407-823-6583

Senior Associate Dean: Martin Dupuis
Interim Associate Dean: Ronnie Korosec
Director of Student Services: Madi Dogariu
Director of Budget and Personnel: Lesanne Brunswick
Director of Academic Advising: Rex Roberts
Director of Prestigious Awards: Morgan Bauer
Director of Honors Research: Padmini Coopamah Waldron

The Burnett Honors College (BHC) fosters an environment of academic excellence and intellectual inquiry that gives students the best of both worlds — an intimate, welcoming place to study and make new friends as well as access to the resources of one of the nation’s largest and most innovative  metropolitan research universities.  BHC focuses on developing highly skilled graduates distinctively prepared for tomorrow’s complex challenges, while being mindful of today’s changing demographics and the importance of access to opportunity. The college creates a diverse learning community that cultivates talent and inspires excellence.  The Burnett Honors College offers two main program tracks, University Honors and Honors Undergraduate Thesis. 

Students in BHC are actively involved in co-curricular and social activities. They also have priority registration privileges and access to the Honors Reading Room, Computer Labs, Meditation Garden, and Honors Living Learning Communities.

University Honors

Students of all majors participate in the University Honors program, which is based on nearly 240 distinctive, small honors classes generally capped at about 20 students. The honors curriculum, which consists of honors courses, interdisciplinary seminars and the honors symposium, takes place over the student’s undergraduate career. Though a thesis is not required, the program provides breadth, depth and engagement with the learning process. All honors courses meet UCF General Education and major-specific requirements. Honors interdisciplinary seminars allow students to explore topics outside the confines of their discipline. As students participate in the University Honors program, they are encouraged to not only pursue rigorous coursework inside and outside the major but also to engage in research, internships and study abroad programs.

Admission to University Honors is granted by BHC to qualified incoming “first time in college” (FTIC) freshmen on a competitive basis. Students who seek admission to University Honors must apply directly to BHC. It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the appropriate Honors College admissions information from the Office of Student Services and follow the procedures necessary to enter the program. More details can be found at https://honors.ucf.edu/admissions. Prospective Honors students and their families are encouraged to contact Honors staff at honors.admissions@ucf.edu if they have questions.

Qualified students who transfer to UCF with an A.A. degree with Honors from a Florida College System institution that has an Honors articulation agreement with BHC will be admitted into University Honors with junior standing. Further information is available from the Office of Student Services at honors.ucf.edu/admissions.

University Honors students must take eight Honors courses total by the time they graduate. Students must also maintain a 3.3 UCF GPA and uphold the tenets of the Honor Code to remain in good standing with the Burnett Honors College. Please contact the Office of Honors Advising if you have any specific questions about Honors requirements, including when courses will be offered and possible substitutions.

By the end of the semester prior to the term in which a student plans to graduate with University Honors, the student must file a completed “Intent to Graduate with University Honors” form with BHC. Graduating seniors must complete the online “University Honors Exit Survey” by the end of the semester in which they plan to graduate. A student who completes all of the requirements for University Honors will have the designation of University Honors entered on the diploma and transcript. Note: No student with a “Z” designation on their final transcript is eligible to graduate with University Honors.

Summary Table of University Honors Requirements

Symposium: Honors Symposium (IDH 1920H ) is a mandatory one-credit hour course required for all new University Honors students. This course includes guest lectures and discussions. 
Lower-division: Four courses. Extra upper-division courses/seminars can substitute for lower-division courses.
Upper-division: Three courses, including at least one Honors interdisciplinary seminar. These courses vary by college and major. Please see the BHC website for specific course options. Completion of the Honors Undergraduate Thesis program will satisfy one upper-division Honors requirement for any major. 

Note: Students who are pursuing University Honors in two degrees must complete an additional upper-division course or interdisciplinary seminar in order to receive University Honors distinction on both diplomas.

Honors Undergraduate Thesis

The Honors Undergraduate Thesis program allows students to undertake original and independent research as principal investigators under faculty supervision. Students enroll in a credit-bearing two-course sequence (which can be extended to three or four, as necessary) in which they research, write, defend and publish an original Honors thesis. The thesis is published through the UCF library and is available to researchers worldwide. Students who fulfill all program requirements earn the Honors distinction on their diploma and transcript. No student with a “Z” designation on their final transcript is eligible to graduate with Honors.

The Burnett Honors College offers two tracks for the Honors Undergraduate Thesis:

Honors in the Major

Honors in the Major is the oldest and most prestigious undergraduate research program at UCF. Students complete a thesis or creative project in their declared academic major. Following specified criteria, engineering students may choose to use their Senior Design project as basis for a thesis by producing a scholarly product that is separate from and in addition to their contribution to the group project and demonstrates a deeper engagement with the project.

Interdisciplinary Honors Thesis

This interdisciplinary track, in which students earn Honors in Research or Honors in Creative Inquiry, allows students to write an Honors thesis in their minor or a discipline other than their major.

Program Requirements

  • Earn a grade of A, B or S in Directed Readings course(s)
  • xxx 4903H - Honors Directed Readings I or approved substitute (3 credit hours)
  • xxx 4904H - Honors Directed Readings II (optional - 1 or 3 credit hours)
  • Form a thesis committee that meets the requirements of the Honors Undergraduate Thesis program and submit a thesis proposal that has been approved by the thesis committee.
  • Earn a grade of A, B or S in Thesis course(s)
  • xxx 4970H - Honors Thesis I (3 credit hours)
  • xxx 4971H - Honors Thesis II (optional - 1 or 3 credit hours)
  • Submit Notice of Defense and thesis approval forms.
  • Submit approved thesis to UCF Libraries.


Admission to the Honors Undergraduate Thesis program is granted by the Burnett Honors College to all qualified UCF students. Students apply directly to the Office of Honors Research and may start in Fall, Spring and Summer terms.

Prospective students are encouraged to review our website for admission criteria, application deadlines and other information at honors.ucf.edu/research.

Note: A collection of completed Honors Undergraduate Theses can be found online at stars.library.ucf.edu/honorstheses.

Office of Prestigious Awards

The Office of Prestigious Awards (OPA) provides all UCF students with information and advising for major national and international fellowships and scholarships. OPA serves as the UCF campus representative for all awards requiring university endorsement or nomination, including the Rhodes, Marshall, Fulbright, Goldwater, and Truman scholarships. While OPA is housed within the Burnett Honors College, it serves the entire UCF community.

OPA works closely with students throughout all stages of their application process. Because of the competitive nature of these awards, preparation is both intensive and extensive and can begin as early as a student’s freshman year. Students who are applying for a prestigious scholarship or fellowship are encouraged to contact OPA for assistance with their applications, even if the award does not require institutional endorsement. Students seeking more information can visit opa.ucf.edu or contact OPA by phone at 407-823-0851, in TCH 248, or by email at opa@ucf.edu.