2018-2019 Graduate Catalog 
    May 18, 2021  
2018-2019 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Graduate Fellowships


The UCF College of Graduate Studies awards more than $2 million in university fellowships to provide financial support for the graduate education of over 300 graduate students each year. These fellowships are funded by university appropriations, endowments, and other outside sources.

Fellowships are awarded on the basis of academic merit to the most highly qualified applicants. Some fellowships are available only to applicants who are underrepresented in higher education in the State of Florida. For eligibility, students must be accepted as a graduate student in a degree program and enrolled full-time. See Full-time Enrollment Requirements . Students who are interested in being considered for a fellowship are strongly encouraged to apply for admission by the priority date and to communicate their interest in receiving a fellowship to their intended graduate program. GRE scores are required to be considered for most fellowships even if not required for admission to a specific program. Most fellowships require Graduate Program Directors to nominate students to the College of Graduate Studies through the college and program offices. All admitted graduate students are automatically considered in this nomination process. Other fellowships, however, require students to fill out a fellowship application. For more details about graduate fellowships, visit Fellowships.

International students receiving fellowships are subject to up to 14 percent withholding on their fellowship payments. International students must obtain a Social Security Number (SSN) prior to receiving payment of a fellowship. More information on this issue can be obtained from the Global UCF (INTLadmissions@ucf.edu).

General Fellowship Requirements

  • Students usually receive only one UCF fellowship per term, and students are eligible to receive a given fellowship only once.
  • Fellowships are only awarded to highly qualified individuals who are admitted, degree-seeking graduate students (regular or conditional admission) by the time the fellowship is awarded. Students on conditional admission status may be offered a fellowship, but must submit documentation required for regular admission status prior to fellowship disbursement. Students on provisional and restricted admission status, nondegree-seeking (postbaccalaureate) students, and graduate certificate students are not eligible to receive fellowships.
  • All fellowships require full-time graduate enrollment. See Full-time Enrollment Requirements .
  • Fellowship students must make acceptable academic progress during each term of the award or the fellowship will be canceled. See Academic Progress for Fellowship Recipients below.
  • Fellowship students must participate in events scheduled for the university fellowship community and in selected service activities for the UCF community. Additional information about this requirement is found at for UCF Fellows.
  • Some fellowships have additional requirements, which are described in the fellowship details found at Fellowships.

Students Working Full Time

Students who are employed full-time in on-campus or off-campus jobs may not receive university fellowships, as UCF fellowship recipients are expected to be primarily focused on graduate study and related activities on campus (e.g., graduate assistantships, research activities, participation in professional organizations).

In addition, students receiving tuition assistance from another source (UCF Employee Tuition Voucher, State Employee Tuition Voucher, etc.) may not also receive a UCF graduate tuition waiver. Graduate assistants and fellows are not eligible to receive UCF Employee Tuition or State Employee Tuition Vouchers.

Academic Progress for Fellowship Recipients

Fellowship recipients are required to be in good standing and to make satisfactory academic progress to continue to receive a fellowship award. To be considered in good standing, fellowship recipients are required to maintain the standards listed below.

  • Fully accepted into a graduate degree program at UCF.
  • Enrolled as full-time graduate students. See Full-time Enrollment Requirements .
  • Maintain a graduate status GPA of 3.0 each term of the award.
  • Receive satisfactory grades in all classes, and no grade of incomplete (“I”). (Unsatisfactory grades are C, C+, C-, D, F, and U.)

Failure to meet any one of these standards will result in the cancellation of the fellowship. The College of Graduate Studies may grant rare exceptions to this policy after review of evidence of mitigating circumstances presented by the student and the graduate program.

Graduate Fellowships

The following list identifies the fellowships offered by the university and the funding programs in which the university participates. Those for which the College of Graduate Studies provides a graduate tuition waiver are marked (TW). For the most current information regarding fellowships, students are encouraged to consult Fellowships, as well as Funding.

  • UCF Trustees Doctoral Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Presidential Doctoral Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Multidisciplinary Doctoral Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Graduate Dean’s Dissertation Completion Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF MFA Provost’s Graduate Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Graduate Research Excellence Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Graduate Dean’s Fellowship
  • McKnight Doctoral Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Graduate RAMP Fellowship (TW)
  • UCF Graduate McNair Fellowship (TW)
  • Summer Mentoring Fellowship (TW)
  • Delores A. Auzenne Fellowship
  • Florida A&M University Feeder Program (TW)
  • UCF Graduate Presentation Fellowship

Fellowship Disbursement

Most graduate fellowships are disbursed through the Office of Student Financial Assistance, based on instructions provided by the UCF College of Graduate Studies. Student Financial Assistance begins disbursing fellowship funds and other aid after the registration and Drop/Add period has ended (usually the second week into the term). For the portion of tuition charges covered by the fellowship, the tuition payment deadline will be deferred until fellowship disbursement. If students are not enrolled in full-time hours by the end of the Drop/Add period, their fellowship will be cancelled. Students are responsible for paying the balance of tuition and fees by the Payment Deadline published in the UCF Academic Calendar. Fellowship payment will first be applied to the student’s account balance. Remaining funds will be disbursed to the student either as a check mailed to the current mailing address of record or as a direct deposit into the student’s account, if the student has provided the bank information in myUCF.

Students can check to see if fellowship payment has been applied to their account through myUCF. In myUCF, select “Student Accounts” to see awards that have been set up to pay against your account.