2019-2020 Graduate Catalog 
    May 06, 2021  
2019-2020 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

College of Graduate Studies

Web Address: https://graduate.ucf.edu

Graduate Web Addresses: https://graduate.ucf.edu/interdisciplinary-programs/

Email:  gradids@ucf.edu

Interdisciplinary Programs

The interdisciplinary nature of graduate study and research has a long-standing presence in UCF graduate education. Faculty and students reach beyond organizational structures to engage with others who share similar research interests yet can provide complementary expertise and perspective to the research work. The complexities of many research questions require such multidisciplinary, organic configurations of researchers, and the need to prepare our graduate students for future research environments obligates the College of Graduate Studies to promote interdisciplinary education at UCF

The College of Graduate Studies houses interdisciplinary graduate programs in geographic information systems, interdisciplinary studies for master’s students, modeling and simulation, and nanotechnology.

Geographic Information Systems Graduate Certificate

Program Director: John Walker, PhD

Graduate Web Address:  https://graduate.ucf.edu/GIS

Email: john.walker@ucf.edu

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Graduate Certificate provides students with the interdisciplinary background in geography and the technical skills in the application of GIS. The certificate will enhance the student’s ability to understand, visual and analyze geospatial data to address questions related to place and spatial interactions.

Interdisciplinary Studies Program

Program Director: John Weishampel, PhD

Graduate Web Address: https://graduate.ucf.edu/interdisciplinary-studies/

Email: gradids@ucf.edu

The Master of Arts and Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies Programs are excellent preparation for a number of endeavors in the twenty-first century. They allow students the flexibility to develop an individually tailored plan of study and the choice of thesis or nonthesis option.

Students in these programs share a commitment to intellectual exploration in graduate-level education and seek enrichment and goals that could not be achieved through the study of a single discipline.

Modeling and Simulation Program

Program Director: Joseph LaViola, Jr., PhD

Graduate Web Address: https://graduate.ucf.edu/modeling-and-simulation/

Email: modsim@ucf.edu

UCF is a world leader in Modeling and Simulation graduate education, and its Modeling and Simulation Program has a history of academic excellence in the field of modeling, simulation and training. The program offers rigorous academic Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy curricula that ensure a strong core yet provide students the flexibility to shape their own education.

The Graduate Certificate in Modeling and Simulation of Technical Systems provides students with knowledge in modeling and simulation fundamentals, including modeling techniques and applications, with special emphasis on modeling and simulation in testing and evaluation. This program is delivered electronically via distance education.

Nanotechnology Program

Program Director: Qun Huo, PhD

Graduate Web Address: http://www.nanoscience.ucf.edu/graduate/index.php

Email: Qun.Huo@ucf.edu

The UCFNanoScience Technology Center offers the Nanotechnology MS Program and the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) in Nanotechnology Program.

The Nanotechnology MS provides students with scientific knowledge and research training in nanoscience and nanotechnology. The program prepares students for seeking employment in industry and academia involved in nanotechnology research, product development, and commercialization, or to pursue advanced PhD degrees in related areas.

The Nanotechnology PSM  provides students with scientific education in nanotechnology and professional training in business and technology entrepreneurship. The program prepares students with necessary skills for seeking employment in industry and academia involved in nanotechnology research, product development, and commercialization.