2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Oct 20, 2020  
2020-2021 Undergraduate Catalog

Asian Studies Minor

College of Arts and Humanities
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Trevor Colbourn Hall (TCH), 358A


Assistant Professor: Dr. Marcella A. Farina

An interdisciplinary minor in which several UCF departments participate in order to offer students a basic and well-rounded background in the field. Courses are to be selected in consultation with a departmental advisor.

Minor Admission Requirements

  • None

Minor Requirements

  • None

Prerequisite Courses

  • None

Required Courses (3 Credit Hours)

Restricted Electives (15 Credit Hours)

Since the total number of hours taken to complete the foreign language proficiency requirement will vary, the total number of elective hours required will vary as well. Please see the Program Director to review your specific circumstances.

No more than two courses (six hours) can be taken under the same prefix.

A list of approved restricted elective courses is found in the myKnight audit

Foreign Language Requirements

  • One year or the equivalent proficiency examination (0 - 8 hrs) in Chinese, Japanese or Korean language. A maximum of 8 hours of language credits can be used to fulfill this requirement and towards the minor.

Total Undergraduate Credit Hours Required: 18

Other Requirements

  • Students must earn at least a “C” (2.0) in each course used to satisfy the minor.
  • At least 12 hours must be earned in upper level credits.
  • At least 12 hours used in the minor must be earned at UCF.
  • No credit by exam (TSD, Military credit) may be used.
  • Internship, Co-op, or Independent Study credit cannot be used in the minor without prior approval by the director.
  • Requirement for the minor is 18-20 credits.