2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 21, 2021  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Economics (B.S.)

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College of Business Administration
Department of Economics, Business Administration II, Room: 305


Dr. David Scrogin, BA2 302U, David.Scrogin@ucf.edu, 407-823-4129
Dr. Nora Underwood, BA2 302N, 407-823-1403
Phone: 407-823-3266

The Bachelor of Science in Economics is designed for students who wish to receive specialized training in Economics within a broad liberal arts education. Flexibility to select from a variety of courses allows students to customize their education to their personal interests and career goals. An Economics degree provides skills and training for careers in business, law, government, politics, teaching, research, and a variety of other areas. This degree also provides a strong foundation for future graduate studies in business, economics, law and public administration. Successful completion of this program leads to the Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Economics. Not eligible for a double degree with the BSBA in Economics .

Admission Requirements

  • None

Degree Requirements

  • Students who change degree programs and select this major must adopt the most current catalog requirements.
  • Students should consult with the major advisor for the Department.
  • General Education Program and Common Program Prerequisite courses are usually completed in the first 60 hours.

General Education Program (GEP) (36 Credit Hours)

Communication Foundations (9 Credit Hours)

Cultural and Historical Foundations (9 Credit Hours)

Mathematical Foundations (6 Credit Hours)

Social Foundations (6 Credit Hours)

Select One: (3 Credit Hours)

Select One: (3 Credit Hours)

Science Foundations (6 Credit Hours)

Common Program Prerequisites (CPP) (3 Credit Hours)

See “Common Prerequisites ” in the Transfer and Transitions Services section for more information.

Core Requirements: Basic Level

  • None

Core Requirements: Advanced Level (12 Credit Hours)

Select one of the following sequences of courses:

Select one of the following sequences of courses:

Restricted Electives (27 Credit Hours)

All B.S. Economics majors will be required to take a minimum of nine (9) electives by choosing from the following

For those students interested in preparing for graduate school in Economics and other graduate studies

the following courses are strongly recommended

Capstone Requirements (1 Credit Hour)


  • Variable

Foreign Language Requirements


  • Two years of one foreign language in high school, or one year of one foreign language in college (or equivalent proficiency exam) prior to graduation.


  • None

Additional Requirements

  • None

Required Minors

  • None

Departmental Exit Requirements

  • Students majoring in Economics must earn a grade of “C” (2.0) or better in each ECO, ECP, and ECS course and in every course applied towards the major as well as a 2.0 overall average in the major.

University Minimum Exit Requirements

  • A 2.0 UCF GPA
  • 60 semester hours earned after CLEP awarded
  • 48 semester hours of upper division credit completed
  • 30 of the last 39 hours of course work must be completed in residency at UCF.
  • A maximum of 45 hours of extension, correspondence, CLEP, Credit by Exam, and Armed Forces credits permitted.
  • Complete the General Education Program, the Gordon Rule, and nine hours of Summer credit.

Total Undergraduate Credit Hours Required: 120

Additional Information

Honors In Major

  • None

Related Programs


  • None

Related Minors

Advising Notes

  • None

Transfer Notes

  • Lower division courses do not substitute for upper division courses.
  • Courses transferred must be formally evaluated for equivalency credit. The student must provide a course syllabus and any other supporting information with his/her petition for this evaluation.
  • Only grades of “C” (2.0) or better transfer into the program and students must have a “C” or better in each common program prerequisites class.

Acceptable Substitutes for Transfer Courses

  • None

Program Academic Learning Compacts

Equipment Fees

  • Part-Time Student: $15 per term
  • Full-Time Student: $30 per term

Plan of Study

Freshman Year - Fall (15 Credit Hours)

Freshman Year - Spring (15 Credit Hours)

Sophomore Year - Fall (15 Credit Hours)

Sophomore Year - Spring (16 Credit Hours)

  • Foreign Language I Credit Hours: 4
  • Historical Foundation II Credit Hours: 3
  • Science Foundation II Credit Hours: 3
  • ECO Elective Credit Hours: 3
  • Elective Credit Hours: 3

Junior Year - Fall (16 Credit Hours)

1 (or STA 4163  or STA 4321 )

Junior Year - Spring (15 Credit Hours)

Senior Year - Fall (15 Credit Hours)

  • ECO Elective Credit Hours: 3
  • ECO Elective Credit Hours: 3
  • ECO Elective Credit Hours: 3
  • ECO Elective Credit Hours: 3
  • Elective Credit Hours: 3

Senior Year - Spring (13 Credit Hours)

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